All Main Dishes are served with Fresh Winter Vegetables

15hr Confit Local Pork Belly

Spiced Red Cabbage Pomme Purée, Orange & Coarse Mustard Cream, Pork “Popcorn”

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Pan Fried Bream Fillet

Chorizo, Celeriac, Olive, Leek & Potato Cream Broth, Olive Crumb

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Traditional Roast Crown of Lincolnshire Turkey

Homemade Yorkshire Pudding, Cranberry Stuffing, Proper Butchers Pig in Blanket, Maypole’s Roast Potatoes & Parsnip

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Wild Mushroom, Sweet Potato & Ricotta Cannelloni (V)

Toasted Parmesan, Winter Spiced Chickpea Pea & Roasted Red Pepper Stew

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